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Ahoj. I've gone through many names, but today I am known as Česko, or the Czech Republic. (Czechia, if you prefer)
Other nations, however, refer to me as Milena Svobodová.

Status: Normal



[[Independent roleplaying blog for the personification of Czechia.
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Formerly pivoprinceza

Account Started: May 7th, 2011.

David Cerný -The sculptor’s most visible works include surreal model babies crawling up Prague’s Communist-era television tower, an upside-down rendering of Prague’s sacred statue of King Wenceslas, and a model of a human behind inside of which lies a television screen showing a picture of the Czech President. Cerný is unmistakably a political artist. His uncompromising attitude towards today’s Czech communists, and Czech politicians in general, has made him many enemies and, most recently, lost him a prestigious commission to create a WWII war memorial. But Cerný is unapologetic, lashing out at today’s hypocrisies both artistically and verbally.

Okay in reality this would be the person I’d sleep with, anon from the other night.

Ahh…he’s gotten me in trouble before with others, but I can’t help but love him. <3

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